Importance of Seed Banks

Seed banks represent a crucial strategy in conserving plant genetic resources, vital for ensuring biodiversity, enhancing food security, and supporting agricultural resilience. They serve as repositories that store seeds, safeguarding the genetic diversity necessary for crop improvement and adaptation to changing environmental conditions. What is a Seed Bank? A seed bank functions as a gene […]

Seed trade for food equity and security

In India, the seed trade system, particularly for smallholder farmers, is a critical component for achieving food equity and security. This system not only impacts agricultural productivity but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of farming practices and the overall resilience of the agricultural sector to climate and market fluctuations. Community Seed […]

Cultivation of pulses for sustainability

Pulses, often known as grain legumes, are not just a staple in diets around the world but are also at the heart of agricultural sustainability. Pulses play a critical role in agricultural soil health and human nutrition. Their significance is deeply rooted in the history of agriculture, where pulses and cereal crops have evolved in […]

Seed Movement Across the Globe: India’s Pivotal Role and the Path Ahead

In the intricate tapestry of global agriculture, seeds play a fundamental role as the primary bearers of life and diversity. Their movement across the globe is not just a matter of trade but a narrative of cultural exchange, scientific advancement, and economic development. India, with its rich agricultural heritage and burgeoning role in the international […]

Sustainable Management of Post-Harvest Waste

India stands as the second largest agro-based economy, with year-round crop cultivation, yielding vast amounts of agricultural waste, including crop residues. The practice of stubble burning, particularly in the northern regions, has escalated into a significant environmental concern. This blog aims to delve into the issue of stubble burning in India, exploring its impacts on […]

Tackling Climate Change-The New Age of Sustainable Agriculture

How will conservation of traditional crops and varieties help fight climate change?  Our food and fibre demands are growing rapidly. With an ever-increasing population, the pressure on our agricultural systems to guarantee food and nutritional security has never been more paramount. As if this challenge wasn’t formidable enough, the looming shadow of climate change further […]

The Ingenious Ways of Seed Movement – Sustaining Life and Biodiversity

Seed Dispersal: Sustaining Productivity and Biodiversity  What will happen if seeds did not move across the globe? Introduction to Seed Movement  The perpetuation of plant life hinges on a fascinating and often overlooked process: seed dispersal. It’s a natural mechanism that ensures the survival and spread of plant species. This process is not just a […]

Empowering the Indian Farmer: Navigating Towards Success in Modern Agriculture

The Indian farmer, who is the backbone of India’s agricultural economy, is often entwined with technological, financial, and environmental. With over 58% of the rural population relying on agriculture for livelihood, the sector’s prosperity is pivotal for the farmer and the nation’s economic stability. The question that looms large is – what does the Indian […]

Innovative Options for Sustainable Irrigation

Maintaining an efficient irrigation system is pivotal for smart agriculture while ensuring the conservation of precious water resources. With the challenges of climate change, water resources have been severely impacted globally. Inclement weather has raised the water requirements for crop cultivation. Besides climate change, the steadily rising global population has also trained the food systems […]

Enhancing Agricultural Productivity: The Significance of Soil Health Cards

Soil Health Card (SHC) is a government initiative enacted by the Government of India in February 2015. This scheme aims to provide farmers with essential information about soil nutrient status and recommendations for improving soil health. Under this program, farmers receive soil health cards containing detailed reports on their land’s nutrient composition, allowing them to […]