Seed bank and its importance

The extinction of many plant species as a result of natural and man-made factors is well known and poses a severe threat to our world. Two out of every five plant species on the planet are endangered. In order to ensure that our future is as ecologically rich as today, we must think of saving […]

Why Plant Health Matters

Plant health is essential for both human and animal lifeand is an important component of the complex connections between humans, animals, and the environment. Plants are the primary source of nourishment for animals and provide approximately 80% of the food consumed by humans. However, our plants are in more danger than ever before, and it […]

India needs drought tolerant crops

Drought in agriculture leads to severe economic losses for the farmers and the country. This is now being intensified due to climate change and the frequency of drought is increasing each year. There are reports highlighting drought as one of the key factors that is contributing to the continuing rise in the number of hungry […]

India’s spice trade set to create bigger footprints in the global spice market

India is the world’s leading producer and exporter of spices. The spice industry has played a significant role in the last seven decades. Spice growing, processing, manufacturing, grading, marketing, and other associated industries have long been a key source of income for people in India. Due to their incomparable aroma, flavor, and medicinal potential, Indian […]

Agritech Opportunities Can Bring Youth in Agriculture

Post India’s economic liberalization in 1990s, a decline in agricultural incomes led to an exodus of rural youth towards other sectors like construction and allied sectors. Conventionally, agriculture has not been seen as a career choice and till date the agrarian economy is failing to attract youth due to the age old practices that are […]

Importance of Drone Technology in India

Recently, the Government of India launched 100 Indian made agricultural drones during one of the largest collective drone exercises in the country. Earlier, the Drone Shakti initiative was announced in the Union Budget 2002 to commercialise drone applications through drones-as-a-service (DRaaS) model. This is further to India already taking several steps to encourage drone usage […]

Deregulation and Harmonization of Genome – Edited Crops in India

CRISPR-Cas gene-editing tool has proven to be a powerful technology that can accurately and precisely alter the genomes of a plant. Gene editing can modify a plant’s genes without introducing any foreign genes. As a result of this technology, plant species for agriculture, food, and nutrition can be improved using a simple, precise and efficient […]

Youth is more accepting of GMOs in Agriculture

GM crops are gaining popularity due to its positive role in reducing carbon emissions, using less crop inputs and saving natural resources in agriculture. Unpublished results from a recent survey by the Center for Food Integrity suggest that millennials and Gen Z perceive agricultural technology as offering powerful solutions to humanity’s problems. They are more […]

IPR, Innovation & Agriculture

Globalization has led to a knowledge-based economy, and intellectual property rights protection has become an important motivator for innovation. Agribusiness was not historically concerned with IPR, as farming was based on sharing knowledge. Yet, the last few decades have witnessed remarkable advances in agriculture. The development of genetically modified plant varieties and specialized insecticides for […]

Digital Agriculture in India

Increasing farmer income has been the focus of Indian Agriculture. India is a world leader in production of milk, pulses and jute, and ranks as the second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton.  Increasing income through digital technologies has been realized as an opportunity for farmers, industry and the government. It […]