Tackling Climate Change-The New Age of Sustainable Agriculture

How will conservation of traditional crops and varieties help fight climate change?  Our food and fibre demands are growing rapidly. With an ever-increasing population, the pressure on our agricultural systems to guarantee food and nutritional security has never been more paramount. As if this challenge wasn’t formidable enough, the looming shadow of climate change further […]

The Ingenious Ways of Seed Movement – Sustaining Life and Biodiversity

Seed Dispersal: Sustaining Productivity and Biodiversity  What will happen if seeds did not move across the globe? Introduction to Seed Movement  The perpetuation of plant life hinges on a fascinating and often overlooked process: seed dispersal. It’s a natural mechanism that ensures the survival and spread of plant species. This process is not just a […]

Empowering the Indian Farmer: Navigating Towards Success in Modern Agriculture

The Indian farmer, who is the backbone of India’s agricultural economy, is often entwined with technological, financial, and environmental. With over 58% of the rural population relying on agriculture for livelihood, the sector’s prosperity is pivotal for the farmer and the nation’s economic stability. The question that looms large is – what does the Indian […]

Innovative Options for Sustainable Irrigation

Maintaining an efficient irrigation system is pivotal for smart agriculture while ensuring the conservation of precious water resources. With the challenges of climate change, water resources have been severely impacted globally. Inclement weather has raised the water requirements for crop cultivation. Besides climate change, the steadily rising global population has also trained the food systems […]

Enhancing Agricultural Productivity: The Significance of Soil Health Cards

Soil Health Card (SHC) is a government initiative enacted by the Government of India in February 2015. This scheme aims to provide farmers with essential information about soil nutrient status and recommendations for improving soil health. Under this program, farmers receive soil health cards containing detailed reports on their land’s nutrient composition, allowing them to […]

Regenerative Agriculture: Unlocking Benefits and Beyond

Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a powerful approach that not only addresses the environmental challenges of conventional agriculture but also provides a host of benefits for farmers, consumers, and the ecosystem. Regenerative practices can transform our current food systems. Enhancing Soil Health and Biodiversity Regenerative agriculture focuses on rebuilding and nurturing the health of the […]

Encouraging Youth in Agriculture Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies for the Future

Agriculture is vital to the Indian economy, contributing to food security, rural development, and employment. However, the sector faces a significant challenge in attracting and retaining young talent. With a growing youth population, India must find innovative ways to engage the younger generation in agricultural activities.   This blog post will explore the importance of youth […]

Importance of Credit Availability for Farmers

The agriculture industry is the foundation of our society, providing food, feed, fibre, raw materials, and employment opportunities for millions of people worldwide. Farmers are backbone of agri-industry, working tirelessly to meet the growing demands of an ever-increasing global population. A critical aspect of their success lies in the availability of credit. This blog post […]

Protecting the Quality and Freshness of Produce in Summer Temperatures

Introduction Maintaining the quality and freshness of produce is essential for ensuring that consumers receive safe and nutritious food. Fresh produce contains vital nutrients that contribute to a healthy diet, but it is also susceptible to spoilage caused by factors such as temperature, humidity, light, and airflow. During the summer months, high temperatures can pose […]

Rice and Wheat Demand and Production Scenarios are Impacting Market Decisions

Globally, India is one of the world’s top producers of both rice and wheat. These two crops are among India’s most crucial grains for economic growth and food security. As per the latest estimates, the output of foodgrains in India is expected to reach a new record high of 323.55 mt, up 2.5% from the […]