Welcome To Federation Of Seed Industry Of India

Our belief

We believe that no single company has all the solutions.

Hence, collaborations, joint ventures, licensing arrangements and similar approaches are necessary among the members of the industry.

Our Values

The functions of FSII will be only based on fair dealings, mutual trust, respect for each other’s intellectual property and honouring of contractual obligations.

The association aims to work with different stakeholders to create an enabling policy environment in which the industry and the farmer can prosper in the medium to long run.

Our Mission

Through seed research, seed commercialization and working closely with Indian farmers, FSII will contribute to realizing the Vision of Doubling of farmers Income by 2022 as envisioned by Hon Prime Minister.

Our Strength

  • Our Founding members represent Rs 5000-crore of the Indian Seed Industry , accounting for about 30% market share of the Seed industry
  • The founding members together spend approx. Rs 525-crores on seed research and development every year and engage nearly 900 highly qualified and trained breeders, scientists and technologists.
  • The combined seed research experience of founder members in India is over ~ 240 years. Founding members work on seed research related to diverse range of crops including oilseeds and pulses.
  • The founders are also credited to have commercialised India's first hybrids in Rice, Wheat, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, sunflower, & several vegetables.
  • Some examples of key Research products from these founding member companies being immensely benefitting farmers include Tomato Leaf curl virus tolerant tomato, Yellow vein mosaic virus tolerant Bhendi, Single Cross Maize, Leaf curl virus tolerant Cotton etc.





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